Our induction motors are designed in different voltages, frequencies and specialized design in single phase 110 volt to 440 volt 50 Hz and 60 Hz and motor RPM design in 8 Pole, 6 Pole, 4 Pole and 2 Pole design and as per a customer's requirements.

We specially design single phase motor design from 220 volt to 415 in same motor design by selector switch to select operated voltage.




  • Single speed, double speed and three speed varied by selector switches
  • 48 volt 3 phase to 1100 volt 3 phase and 25Hz to 400 Hz frequency.
  • Foot mounted flange mounted and face mounted motors.
  • Crane motor and host duty motor.
  • Brake motor
  • Torque motor (specially designed for rotor to operate a push type RPM)
  • Treadmill motor (with balancing wheel safety for suddenly tripping the supply create extra torch).
  • All motor specially care in design and briefly balance of motor rotor by international balancing grade 2.
  • Especially low voltage motor design for grass cutting machine in single phase and three phase safety for human body from electrical short.
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