• A precisely designed Combustion Chamber with incorporated facilities for the following:
  1. Regulated supply of adequate volume of ambient air, to mix with the fuel in proper ratios to ensure complete combustion of the same.
  2. Flexibility in using manual feeding or controlled (auto/manual) Chain Grate Stoker feeding of pulverized solid fuels with extra primary air F.D. fans as well, if required.
  • An adequately designed Heat Exchanger unit, through which the hot flue gas from the combustion chamber would be directed to flow through five different bundles of varying section tubes, thereby heating the tubes.The tube materials and sections are selected of best possible heat conductivity coefficients, since these are very important design parameters to ensure both the cost economy and optimum fuel thermal efficiency of the Heater. The air for the Drier is designedly directed to pass, only, over the exposed outer surfaces of the heat exchanger-tubes (plain or finned, etc.), starting from the initial pass (viz. the 5th pass), to pick up the radiated heat from these.
  • Arrangement for final exit of the flue gas with reduced heat content through a chimney to the atmosphere.
  • A total insulation system of covered surfaces of the heater to prevent heat losses and also any possibility of air ingress except from the bottom of the Air Inlet ducts on two sides.
  • In-case of direct heating of the gaseous medium for use in the drier, without using any heat exchanger unit, a properly designed mixing chamber is added in between the combustion zone and the drier fan, in the Air Heater. These Air Heaters are also available from Vikram's stable, which are mainly used with fuels like piped Natural Gas, CNG, LPG, special Tea Drier Oil etc.
  • High efficiency I.D and F.D. Fans
    All the Induced Drought and Forced Drought Fans are custom designed w.r.t. volume and pressures for each model of the Heaters and selected from Vikram's range of Fan products after proper testing, to perfectly suit the combustion requirement and also to ensure correct volume and velocity of the Flue gas to travel up to the chimney outlet at desired rates and efficiency levels.
  • Multiple Fuel Usage
    All Air Heaters are designed with enough flexibility for operation with different kinds of solid and fluid fuels (viz. wood, coal, lignite, Bio-waste briquets, light distillate, furnace oil, gaseous fuels etc).
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