Hand shaking of sieves gives very variable results-for really accurate and reproducible PSA (Particle Size Analysis) of your tea grades you will require a mechanical sieve shaker to guarantee consistency, Use PSA to check sorting machine efficiency and maintain grading consistency, Use PSA to agree specifications with direct buyers .This sieving equipment also allows you to monitor graded teas for unwanted fine dust in tea bag blends.

Our super quality sieve shaker will accept up to eight stacked sieves (200 mm diameter) and incorporate an easy to use clamping system. The touch membrane controls allow vibration amplitude to be adjusted to suit individual requirement, and run timing can be set from 0 to 99 minutes. Programmed settings are held in memory; featuring electromagnetic operation the sieving process is virtually silent.

Dim 360*360*600mm
Net weight 50 kg
230VAC 50Hz
(110 volts model also available)
Sieve shaker: SS-01

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