The international standard Method for tea tasting ISO 3103-1980 defines the axact shapes and dimensions of the standardised tea tasting crockery used throughout the world –and Teacrafty is one of the very fewsuppliers  left selling this essential tool of the professional tea taster.

We are able to offer particularly well made made thin walled white porcelain crockery ,made specially for us,which fully meets the ISO standards for dimensions,weights and volumes ,This thin porcelain will never discolour or craze like the old thick walled earthnware type does and ,with its inbuilt strength will grace your tea-room for many years to come.

Available in full sized sets (large)for liquoring 285 mml sample from 5.6 grams of leaf ,or half  sized sets(small) for liquoring 140ml sample from 2.8 grams of leaf.

Each tasting set comprises one mug (or pot) with lid ,and one bowl.



Tasting Crockery Half  Size Set                TX-01

Tasting Crockery Full Size Set                 TX-02


COFFEE CUPPING –thin walled white porcelain coffeee cupping bowls holding 200ml to the brim



Coffee Cupping Bowl                              TX-03





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