PMB -53 QUARTZ HALOGE AUTOMATIC MOISTURE ANALYSER – a new concept in tea moisture measurement where the heat input is from a quartz halogen tube electronically maintained at a pre-set production temperature (continuous or 3 stage step –wise variation) to give the very fastest drying times without burning .Com pact and reliable proven design: but like a tank” and made to last. Stable to lone voltage variation between 190and 250 VAC. Very simple operation eliminates operator error: the precision digital balance automatically weighs the tea completed ,shuts itself off and sounds a bleeper .Supplied pre-loaded with three drying  programmes for tea(Dryer Mouth, stored Tea, and Dhool)–memory can accept up to 50 programmes. Typical measurement time for made tea is three to five minutes, for withered leaf or dhool it is 15 minutes. On completion ,the measured tea moisture is digitally displayed as a moisture percentage or solids, as required .PMB-53 can also be used as a precision lab balance -50grams to 0.001g precision.

For recording of measured results the PMB-53 can be connected (by standard RS-232 interface –cable supplied) to a paper roll printer or to your own PC for storage or graphical display of results.

Pmb-53 Moisture Balance: PMB -01
Printer for PMB-53: PMB -02
Paper rolls for printer (pack of 5): PMB-05
50 gram calibration weight: PMB -07
Aluminium sample trays (pack of 10): PMB-11

Dim .200*190*220 mm
Net wt 6kg
230VAC 50 Hz, 800 W

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