CFM Machines

overhead-conveyorTea processors are aware of the fact that fermentation is the single most important factor affecting the final quality of black tea processing. The traditional system of floor fermentation had been widely accepted by the industry as the best for the fermentation process. But it suffers from inherent disadvantages of requirement of large floor area, besides being labor intensive and batch production type. All these make it difficult to critically control the fermenting time, and make its total process On-line.

The introduction of trough fermentation system, popularly known as Gumlah Fermentation, with forced draught through the material, though reduces the space requirement considerable, yet remains labor intensive with the same inherent problems faced to maintain correct parametric conditions of floor fermentation with an additional inconvenience due to dealing with higher thickness of material.

The most important disadvantage in both the systems is the difficulty in designing a continuous online process system between Rotorvane & Grading. Mechanized fermenting operation therefore became an obvious necessity. In the past decades, BD had continuously been researching on the development of continuous fermenting machines to suit the custom needs of different clients & can today boast of at least several different models of fermenting machines, serving the industry efficiently. The latest in the line is our PES belt Modular Fermenting machine which ensures more uniformity of the oxidation process due to higher opening areas(46%),more Hygienic in operation, easy to maintain & more aesthetic in look.


The macerated & sized leaves are fed to the short feed PVC conveyor belt, where it gets spread to the desired width and at desired thickness of the main PES belt /Tray with the help of an incorporated helical spreader on the feed conveyor at desired thickness. This spread sheet of leaf drops into the feed end of the PES belt / Tray fermenting surface. Humified air controlled at around 95% R.H from a suitably designed humidification unit consisting of a misting / air washer chamber & a centrifugal blower fan, is supplied through ductings to the modular plenum chambers under the moving belt / trays. The oxidation / fermentation process can be regulated through individual controlled dampers in each module. Wide ranging speed / time variation essential for proper fermentation is done by an effectively & sturdily designed variable designed variable drive system.

Salient features

M/C LOAD CAPABILITY: The ferment or trays with standard supplied motor is designed to sustain a loading of up to 8kgs of macerated leaf / sq.ft area.

LOW HEIGHT: The machine is only 4’7” high from the ground level, easy to supervise, clean and maintain.

STAINLESS STEEL TRAYS: Heavy duty, wide, perforated stainless trays allow the humified air through the leaf for proper fermentation as well as cooling of tea bed.

DRIVE: A sturdy variable speed mechanical drive system facilitates wide variation in fermenting time from 30 minutes to 140 minutes in steps of 2-3 mins. With optional electrical variable speed drive unit more infinite variations can be available.

CONTROLLED FEED: A suitable feed conveyor with variable speed arrangement is provided for uniform controlled feeling, which automatically enhances the performance of the machine. Discharge conveyor can be incorporated on customer’s request at extra cost.

AIR DISTRIBUTION: An aerodynamically designed air duct facilitates uniform distribution of humified air at 95% RH through the effective area of the machine to ensure uniform and even fermenting.

CENTRIFUGAL BLOWER: A dynamically balanced centrifugal blower suitably designed to carry the humidified air from the mist chamber to the air duct through system is provided to achieve the desired temperature graph as well cooling of tea leaf. (Chamber to Blower mouth duct is optional).

HYGIENE: Suitable design features are incorporate to check bacterial contamination. Self cleaning easily removable brush cleans the trays in the return circuit. The return circuit of trays is exposed for easy inspection and maintenance.

FLEXIBILITY: Suitable for both CTC and orthodox manufacture.

DESIGN: Neat as well as sturdy. The tea bed is uniformly and evenly maintained throughout. All parts are easily accessible for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. No accumulating or spillage of tea. This machine is ideal for on line manufacturing process.

LOW MAINTENANCE COST: This machine is virtually maintenance free. Individually trays can be replaced wherever necessary with minimum downtime.

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