Accura CTC

a ctcThis model had been designed with such flexibility, so as to be able to incorporate on the previous models, like the the Jumbo-Plus and Excel cut-Plus CTC machines being used by our clients, most of the special features of the new “ACCURA” model with minimum possible spare parts, time & cost involvement.

It is the most versatile model of CTC, which consists of the following special salient features:


Salient Features:

  • Lower Height for ease of inspection
  • Inbuilt ful length Dovetailed pedestal Top to securedly hold all the mountings allowing near zero vibration
  • Reduced Length to save the floor space to a great extent.
  • Specially designed Zero Tracking Conveyor Belts for all conveyors and moving covers to reduce the tracking of belts ensuring near zero spillage.
  • Improved Axial Pitch Adjustment with precision adjusting facility in axial direction on High Speed roller
  • Improved Micro Meshing Arrangement on slow speed roller fully ensures parallelism between the rollers during gap setting operation.
  • Improved design of safety guards as per ISO requirements
  • Same I.C. length of all belts to ensure standardisatn of stock
  • Moving Cover with Hydraulic Lifting Arrangement for ease of inspection
  • Newly designed Centrally Positioned Lifting Tackle ensures Easy and Quick Removal/Assembly of Rollers during Roller Changing.
  • Instant Dis-engagement and re-setting of Rollers helps in case of overload or foreign particles going in between the rollers.
  • Spiral Jaw Clutch Spiral Jaw Clutch for easy engaging / dis-engaging of Conveyors Rollers.
  • Detachable compact cage unit with bearings to easily slide out from the roller shaft at the time of changing the rollers thereby enhancing the bearing life.
  • Split type cage unit housings facilitates easy removal of cage units, whenever required.
  • Heavy duty universal couplings with Telescopic assembly design for roller drive systems connected with Heavy Duty Output Gear Box reduces vibration and maintenance idle time & cost.
  • Air cooling arrangement for all Slow Speed rollers are provided.
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