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Is a specially designed Slow Speed Fibre Extractor for removing Fibre contents from CTC Teas by the most scientific electro-static process. It extracts Fibre from hot, cold and graded Teas without affecting the quality of Tea. It has several advantages over Java Tunnel or Winnower and even eliminates Myddleton.

The machine is sturdily built, framed on MS angle and almost silent in operation. The Unit consists of four to six large size special type PVC Rollers, available in varying lengths from 36" to 54". The machine output varies from 400 to 1400 kgs. depending upon roller quantity and size. An Aluminium Tray is provided. The to & fro motion of the tray draws out the fibre and feeds them to the PVC Rollers which is previously electro-statically charged by friction with felt to the Rollers. Thus the fibre which is more light than the tea, are drawn by the statically charged PVC Rollers. Heating elements are provided to keep the Rollers warm & dry for efficient extraction of Fibre. Fibre are collected from chutes of individual Rollers to a common tunnel by gravity.

A hopper with adjustable feed height is fitted to the feed end of the machine. Only the graded tea is passed under the rollers and bailed tea is thus separated from the bulk. The dimple tray for extraction of fibre from graded CTC Tea or Orthodox Tea is also available, if required. As an additional option, 'Trinick' design trays may be provided in the machine for simultaneous tea grading along with fibre extraction.


  • Removes Fibre without any effect on quality of tea, i.e., no greying.
  • Highly flexible in action - separates dust, fannings and broken grades.
  • Instant adaptability of replacing Mesh Trays for individual need.
  • Low Power consumption: Only one 2 H.P., 1400 RPM, 44OV, 3 Phase motor is required.
  • Easy silent operation - needs casual attendance


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