The specially designed VIBRO SCREEN SORTER is a circular Gyratory equipment. The circular multi deck screens are gyrated through a three component multiplane mechanical vibration system, the excitation provided by a gyro-motor with double extended shaft at both ends mounted vertically with eccentric weights.

The GYRO - MOTOR (1) with its eccentric weights is mounted on a steel fabricated Vibrating Table (2) which in turn is mounted on numbers of rugged springs (3) over a circular steel fabricated base (4) firmly grouted on the floor. This arrangement allows the screening decks (5), mounted on springs on the vibrating table, in tiers to vibrate freely but preventing the vibration to be transmitted to the floor. Due to its inherent Modular Design of the decks, a single machine can separate upto eight grades of different micron sizes of solids. Depending on the number of grades to be separated, the screens are fitted in tiers atop the vibrating table as illustrated in the figure.

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