The accuracy and consistency of factory tea grading can quickly be checked and recorded using test sieves with meshes of certified quality. Individual tea grade sizing varies between companies but the sieve set suggested below spans most CTC production, If you will submit to us typical samples of you grades (100 grams of each) we will specify mesh sets to suit your own production - Orthodox or CTC, Note that a sieve set needs a receiver and lid if you do not already have these items.


Set of five 200 mm  diameter, certified precision sieves with stainless steel and mesh, (Sizes :2,0 mm retains oversize tea, 1.7 mm retains BOPF, 0.5mm retains PF and 0.355 mm retains PD) Requires receiver and lid set.


Sieve set (five different mesh sizes): TS–01
Sieve receiver and lid: TS-02
Sieve set Complete (five plus receiver and lid): TS-05
Sieves individually, to your specified mesh size: TS

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