Solar Powered Lanterns

lanternThe Almika Solar Photovoltaic Lantern is a lighting system consisting of a compact Florescent Lamp (CFL)VRLA battery and electronics, all placed in a decorative and portable housing made out of ABS and suitable high efficiency SPV module. This portable lighting device is designed for indoor and outdoor lighting application covering a full range of 360 degrees. As sunlight falls on the solar PV Module, it generates electricity which charges the in-built battery in the lantern.

The battery powers the CFL during dark hours. The lantern has a provision to charge mobile phones also.Households and communities lacking electricity supply from the grid or having power cuts, now benefit from electricity generated from the sun- the free, clean and unlimited power source.

Our Solar lighting and power systems are silent, easy to install, simple to operate and cost effective. They avoid the problems associated with fuel-supply, storage ,fumes and fire risk. Systems are modular in concept, making them easy to expand to meet future needs.

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